My Dear Violet

by Amy's Arms

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Ruzica Parsons
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Ruzica Parsons I was watching a video on Youtube called "40 years of Goth style..." and in the background the music of Amy's arms (Kisses and My dear Violet). I immediately googled them because I fell in love with the sound instantaneously. Spreading the word about these guys! They need to be heard! Keep up the good work! Favorite track: Kisses.
Jeneneh thumbnail
Jeneneh I spent my teenage years in the 90's going to see bands like Switchblade Symphony and Sunshine Blind. Your album brought those memories back in the best possible way. I love your sound! Favorite track: Clock.
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released April 30, 2016

Karen O'Keeffe - Vocals
Tyla Thea Bolte - Harmonies, Tamborine & 2nd vocal on "As It Stands"
Justin Minister - Guitar, 2nd bass on "Tram" & Drums on "Glow"
Brent Kervin - Bass
David Owen - Synth & Theremin
Elliot Pantich - Drums

All songs written by Justin Minister & Karen O'Keeffe and performed by Amy's Arms.

Recorded, mixed & produced by Justin Minister
Vocals recorded by Scott Righteous
Mastered by Martin Bowes in The Cage

Album design by Justin Minister

Special thank you to all our Indie Go-Go sponsors:
Paul Bogan
Scott Bohaker
Douglas Carter
Linda Chen
Ryan Clark
Marie DeLucia
Sarah Emilie Deschamps
Raechel Dickey
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Lindsay Fitzharris
Dylan Madeley
Robert Marshall
Kevin Matthews
Darwin Meiners
Ian Revell
Elliot Saturn
Sarah Silverman
Reid Todkill
Herman Wang
Philip Yu
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Amy's Arms Toronto, Ontario

Amy’s Arms is a Goth Rock band based in Toronto, Canada.

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Track Name: Breathless Heart
Hands so cold, breathless heart
My thoughts twined with time
Shed cold reality
To once again smile with you
And laugh the laugh I'll never hear again
I'll never hear again

If I never love again
I'll never miss it
Because I only want
You to have it
And no one else

I'll hate other who come near
Who try and take your place
I can now sit with you
And hear the silence
We hear it together
So let me grow armor
Let me keep you inside

Just another sunrise
On a cold, bland sea
Gun metal grey again
To rub out all my dreams
Wind passes through the sails
That are slashed and frayed
Leaving me to float alone

The layered, low cast clouds
Lit by city lights below
A beautiful site
I know it to be true
But the night would shine brighter still
If I lived far away with you
Track Name: Clock
The light is turning a corner
She stays awake longer now
And pushes through the grey
Time traveler she
We've both been here before
But she will still enjoy
Long after I have gone

Gentle, gentle
She passes you like a dream
She can ignore the tick of a clock
But to you it matters all the more
Forever is lost to you, you see

Water kills the fire
Gas lamps have lost their flame
Electric crackles away the day
I see another brightness
That will fade
I see it in front of
The mirror everyday
Track Name: Wave
Minarets in the distance
Black against a blazing sky
Feet on the sand
I spin around and 'round
To ancient beats

Stare down a snow capped mountain
Who stares back with reflecting eyes
Tangled in a shawl of silk
Weaved by the old woman's hand

Smile through my frown
I'm a lucky lady
In another land
My equal is being cut down
Look the other way
And give me all the things
That I want
Someone far away
Is crying today

Cascade down dancing sunlight
Touch the stone of steeples high
Saints still stare empty eyed
Carved by a long forgotten man

Midday moon in a snow haze
Swirling with the beat of my heart
Blue watered white sand beach
To hide away an island's fame
Track Name: Kisses
Sweet blood kisses
Walks on a rainy beach
Tearing away and throwing sand
This was who I was when I met you
When I met you

One flame burning
It lives within my mind
Wonderful thoughts of evil deeds
This was how I was when I took you
When I took you

I could yell at you and lay blame
But a I have to do is walk behind my eyes
Take a walk behind my eyes
And see the way that I am

Sweet quick killing
My lips upon your skin
Warm blood in my parched dry mouth
This was what I was when I killed you
When I killed you

The waves crash as blood dries
On the corners of my lips
I need it more than air
I'll gladly drown in crimson
The red sunset on the water makes me thirsty
Track Name: Contemplate
You kissed me when we said goodbye
And I could feel the place for hours
My hands touched my lips again
With a memory that still burned hot
My patience with your love
Has walked across the bridge of clouds
Where I dwell in a lonely garden
Far from where I lie

Scar my songs
With slivers through my tongue
And blisters bubble on my soul
I can be ice and gone
This cold crevice in which I hide
Tucked within grey stone
To keep me warm
In sadness I abide

My body has not yet
Turned the earth
And warm summer air
Still fills me
But one day my life shall wither
And grow cold
If I cherish only you
And the wrinkles of love run smooth
Please allow us to live together
In a place without time
Track Name: Tram
Mist finger tracing hearts
On the pane
Missing you as I race away
That's all I am to me
To me

Is there a day when love will play?
It's always good to see you
My self is lost today
When you need me I will always be here

I made you an offer
But you refused
I know you were tempted
But too good a friend
You knew my peril, my agony
My agony

I light a candle and leave
As I walk down the stairs
All that I've been trying to bury
Comes out
On the street I look at your window
And there you are

Trying to leave my heart behind
Think forward, push past
This impossible loss
Forget these hands, forget my destiny
That wraps me to you

Is there a day when love will play?
Is there a day when love will stay?